I was appointed a Sworn Translator of English in 1993 by the President of the Provincial Court in Rzeszów and have been working since then as a sworn translator. I am currently listed in the National Register of Sworn Translators under the number TP/3903/05. In addition, I am a member of the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators TEPIS (ID no. 857).

I  translate  and regularly certify various written documents from English into Polish and vice versa.  These include: school certificates, diplomas, student books, certificates, notarial documents, certificates of Registry of Vital Statistics, official letters, vehicle documentation, professional licenses, opinions and references, work certificates, medical documentation, military documents, insurance documents, customs documents, court documents, authorisation documents and others.

I interpret at conferences, meetings at notarial offices, marriages, business talks and others. I assist with filing various official, court and emigration documents in English. Customers from outside Rzeszów can send documents by fax or  by e-mail but they are required to present original documents when collecting the translations.                                    

I invite you to use my services